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Pai Gow Poker Pai Gow Poker is a form of table poker, and it is one which often appears at casinos. This is especially true of casinos powered by Microgaming software. The game is actually based on Chinese dominoes (the true origin of Pai Gow). In Pai Gow poker, each player attempts to defeat the banker, just like in other table card games. The ultimate goal is to have two winning hands, a five-card hand, and a two-card hand. Pai Gow Poker doesn’t come in a lot of different variations, but several developers have produced their own versions of this game Caribbean Stud Poker Caribbean Stud Poker is often played as a progressive jackpot table game. There are other Caribbean poker games, too. This one is a variant of five-card stud, but this one is played against the casino and not other players. Most developers have created their own versions of this game, too, and most of these can be found at the biggest online casino websites. Sic Bo Popular with Asian online casino players, Sic Bo is a chance based table game, and it is one which is played with three dice. It is one of only two major dice games at online casinos, the other being craps. With Sic Bo, players are simply betting the certain condition will arise from the roll of the dice. It initially appears to be a very complex game to grasp, but after a mere few rolls of the dice, players will grasp it rather quickly. Of all of the table games in our article, Sic Bo is perhaps the least common of the lot at major casino sites. Red Dog Poker Red Dog Poker is another major table game, this one based on Acey-Deucey. Most top casinos do carry Red Dog Poker, although it is perhaps not as popular as it has been in recent years. The game actually stems back to the nineteenth century, and it is really simple to grasp. If the third card drawn falls between the first and second cards drawn, you are on your way to victory. Perhaps the simplicity of this table game has worked against in the long run. 

Solutions for shipowners

Providing shipbuilding projects that meet all of your professional expectations with high-quality ship design and engineering solutions, based on 40 years of experience.

Solutions for shipyards

High-quality ship design and engineering solutions that meet all your standard requirements, based on 40 years of experience.

TSI Workflow

Ship is the product of ship building process. Being it a cruise ship, ferry, cargo ship or any other floating unit, it is always used to explore new territories. That is what makes our industry so special. Every new project presents our team with completely new challenges and creates new dimensions, new choices. Based on long experience in ship design and engineering we have been able to optimize such a complex process and frame it into 6 main steps.

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